how not to be old (even if you are)

Getting older is a privilege; being OLD is optional.

HOW NOT TO BE OLD is a modern, irreverent look at aging and generational politics, gorgeously illustrated by Kate Wong. Due out from Prospect Park Books in Nov 2020. 

Old suggests you have life experience, but OLD means you won’t shut up about it. Old brings with it a more relaxed pace of life, while OLD is synonymous with slow driving (and even slower digestion). Old comes with a quiet confidence envied by youth, but OLD comes with bitterness and a rigidity that youth cannot rightfully stand. While growing old is a privilege, becoming OLD is optional. If you don’t mind being “Okay, Karen-ed” by Millennials and Gen Zs, that’s totally your choice. But if want to update some of your long-held beliefs (and possibly your even-longer-held hairstyle) to become more relevant, How Not to Be Old will clue you in on how a slight adjustment in behavior and thinking will help you more fully connect with today’s world… and the people who will be in charge of your nursing home one day.

This is a humorous how-to guide on aging gracefully… or not. Perfect gift for boomers, GenX, & millennials looking to find the funny in getting older.